Student Outcomes

ITU Geophysical Engineering Student Outcomes (SO) are:

1.      Have the students gain knowledge on the application of basic sciences, basic engineering sciences and earth sciences for the solution of geophysical engineering problems.

2.      Develop the students’ ability to design field experiments in team works for geophysical data acquisition.

3.      Increase students’ capability to process the collected geophysical data by means of modern hardware and software facilities of information technologies.

4.      Improve the students’ ability to interpret the processed geophysical data by using multi-disciplinary approach.

5.      Have the students gain knowledge in exploration of natural resources such as mines, oil and natural gas, rare earth materials and industrial raw materials.

6.      Have the students gain knowledge of designing solutions to the engineering problems in terms of natural hazard risk assessments in particular infrastructure needs of the society.

7.      Have the students gain knowledge in site investigation of the environmental and archeological problems as well as settlement planning.

8.      Improve the students’ ability to present the results of investigations by means of oral and written manners effectively and to encourage the life-long learning of the new concepts and applications of the profession and awareness of self-renovation.

9.      Develop the students’ professional and ethical responsibilities for the sake of public health and safety in terms of social sciences and humanities.